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Distillation is the process that nature uses to cycle water back to a fresh state.  NeverDump utilizes this same method to treat grey water.  The main drawback with conventional distillation is the energy required to boil the water.  Multi Effect Distillation is a process where steam from one effect is used to boil the next effect, and so forth.  This is possible because the pressure in each effect is successfully lower, which lower the boiling point.  This process dramatically decreases the energy requirements. 


Some substances in the grey water have boiling points very close to water (alcohol, acetones, etc.).  Before the water goes into the multi effect evaporator, it is tempered.  The water is brought up to its boiling point, without boiling, in an atmospheric environment.  This allows the volatiles (low boiling point contintuents), to be driven off.


NeverDump utilizes Pyrolosys to treat black water.  This process first boils off water, capturing the clean water for use as flush water.  The volatiles are driven off.  When dry, the residue is heated to high temperature in the absence of oxygen, converting the waste into charcoal.  Our team has experimented with this process to ensure the residue is black, unscented, charcoal.  This byproduct may be used just like charcoal.  It may be sent to a landfill, burned, or use as a soil amendment.


The exhaust stream enters a 3 way catalyst, which helps ensure that any unburned hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and other undesirable products of combustion are broken down before proceeding. The catalyst features upstream and downstream O2 sensors, and a control system to precisely control fuel and air.

How it Works
All About NeverDump

All About NeverDump



NeverDump was founded in an innovation hub – Hall Labs – renowned in the fields of energy technology, material science, clean-tech, and manufacturing. Hall Labs is a modern-day Edison lab with 70 years of track record of developing and deploying new technologies and innovations successfully. Novatek, Vanderhall, and Medic Life are just a few examples of the portfolio companies that have blossomed from Hall Labs. There have been over 900 patent filings since 1955.



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